Egor (egmar) wrote in ru_mac,

Input Managers Are Not ‘Plug-Ins’

"The problem is that the Mac press has decided, by unwritten fiat, to call Input Manager hacks “plug-ins” and confer an aura of legitimacy on them, while continuing to call other forms of patches “hacks” and caution you against installing them. That’s both misleading and unfair. The fact that Input Managers work through a Cocoa method does not make them better or worse than APE “haxies” that load through low-level Mach messages, or than any other way that third-party code loads without support into any application’s address space." - отсюда

Последние дни многие жаловались что одно не работает, то другое, особенно после установки обновлений. Почитайте что выше. Может вы измените ваше мнение об обновлениях разных компонентах Mac OS X.
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